You’ll love studying in Lohja

Lohja lets you enjoy studying and student life. The city has space for thinking, learning, hobbies, having fun, and of course finding the LohjaLove of your life. Follow in the footsteps of Sanni, Elias Kaskinen, Elias Lönnrot and Ruben Stiller.


Enjoy diverse education and training opportunities

In Lohja, you will find a Finnish and Swedish language upper secondary school and vocational training at Luksia and the Live Vocational College. Adult education is provided by the Lohja High School’s adult education programme, Hiiden opisto , Luksia and the Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Come enjoy our high-quality basic art education for music, visual art and dance. Lohja also has the Kolmen Kampuksen Urheiluopisto sports institute in Kisakallio and the Kanneljärven Opisto college.

Upper secondary school

Lohja’s upper secondary schools include the Lohja High School, Lohja High School’s adult education programme and the Virkby gymnasium. Double degree programmes are also available. As an upper secondary student you have plenty of options, such as studying full periods in a vocational school or choose individual courses at other upper secondary schools.

Vocational education and training, upper secondary level

In Lohja, you can study humanities, arts, business, administrative sciences and law, service and technology industries, health and wellness industries, ICT, and more. In Lohja, you can find upper secondary level vocational education at Luksia, Kisakallio and the Kanneljärven Opisto college.

Higher education

The Laurea University of Applied Sciences provides education in business, healthcare and social services in Lohja. The Hiiden Opisto adult education centre allows you to complete open university studies from the selection provided each academic year.

Adult education centres and basic art education providers

Basic art education in Lohja is provided for visual art, music, dance, crafts and theatre. Develop your capabilities of expressing yourself and build a foundation for applying to vocational or higher education.

Education for immigrants

Hiiden Opisto provides various levels of language courses for immigrants.

Hobbies in Lohja

Develop your skills and find activities from the countless possibilities in Lohja.